International team’s November

Our November started with six Lithuanians guests. They were a group of teachers and students. They wanted to know our way of learning. One of their tasks was an innovation project with some of our students. The assignment was to organize event for a local restaurant.


We also had teachers and coaches from The Netherlands to visit us. Some of them were already coaches but all of them will become a coach. They came here to get to know more about our methods for coaching. We had training sessions with them about subjects: teaching vs coaching and tools behind Proakatemia. Both training sessions had few Proakatemia students also participating. They were really interested to hear what we students think about coaching and the methods here.


We had a group of people from different countries visiting us too. They were here one day so we told them about Proakatemia and they heard about our projects.


A group of about twenty Brazilians were visiting Proakatemia during the 24H challenge.  In the morning they came to watch graduate’s presentations. They were impressed how elegant and beautiful the event was. Even though they couldn’t understand anything they were able to feel the great atmosphere.


Joonatan was hosting them for the rest of the day. He showed them places and told them how we are studying. In the evening we had some fun when we were hosted a ”Finnish evening” for them. First, we of course raised a toast with salty liquorice liquor. We also had Finnish food and drinks for them to taste. During the evening we had a quiz about Finland and Proakatemia. Questions were difficult, but all groups had one Finn helping them. And of course, we danced with them. Hanna taught letkajenkka and after that they wanted to teach us to dance. Rest of the night was fun when we just danced and listened to some Brazilian music.


Best regards,

Henna/International Team

Goals for the international team


We have exciting news for everyone.

The team of international relations has set three general goals.

Our goals are:

  1. Our working language will be English from now on
  2. To become a team through commitment
  3. To carry out two international projects by the end of February 2019

The Head of International Relations, Joonatan Halonen already shared our goals in November’s Projektori. We feel that in order to achieve our goals, it is important to communicate and talk about them openly.

Through this fall, our team has been struggling to find time together as a team. On the other hand, I see it as a positive problem, since it means that everyone has had their hands full with different projects. Then again, in order for the team to function, the members need to prioritise some time for it.

After discussing about these challenges together, we understood that we need to commit more time for the team in order to achieve something great together. As we all know, commitment is an important part in teamwork. Commitment helps us in reaching our goals. For us it means, that everyone in the team participates the weekly meetings, hosts the international guests visiting Proakatemia and follows our team’s shared instructions.

We came up with the idea, that since we are the team of international relations, it would be practical for us to communicate in English every time we get together. This way everyone is able to practice their language skills, which makes the international encounters with our guests and clients smoother and more comfortable.

Our main goal is to execute at least two international projects together during next spring. This is something that we all are very excited about. Through the projects we will learn for instance about educational export and get international connections for the team. In addition, we want to promote Proakatemia and our learning methodology around the world.

These three goals have already had a positive effect in our team’s atmosphere. All of our team members feel that they already are more committed to the team and can’t wait to work on our projects. 2019 is going to be in many ways “an exciting year”.


“I think goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time.” – Michael Phelps


Best regards,








The quote is from ”50”50 Inspirational Quotes to Help You Achieve Your Goals”


Greetings from the team of International Relations

Greetings from the team of International Relations,

We have decided to publish blog posts once a month about the guests that our team has hosted. We believe that it would be interesting for all of you to read, what our team has been up to every month. In our teams first blog post, Joonatan wrote a little bit about the guests we hosted in September at Proakatemia. (You can read the blogpost here: International teams first blogpost)

In this blog post we will tell you about the guests that our team has hosted in October.

In December we will write about the guests that we are hosting this month and so on.

Also, in these blog posts we are going to let you know, what we think was “the highlight of the month” regarding the visits.


In October we had the pleasure to host seven teachers from South Korea.

We showed the guests our presentation about our studies here in Proakatemia, discussed a lot about books and all the other tools of learning that we have.

In October our highlight was the amazing gift that we received from our South Korean guests.

We received this beautiful business card holder!

We began using the business card holder immediately and stored all the business cards our team has received into it.

n November we are hosting guests for example from Lithuania and the Netherlands. We will tell you about the visits more in next month’s post!


Best regards,


International team’s first blogpost

Moro! (Hello!) from Proakatemia,

my name is Anna Vikman and I am a member in this year’s team of International Relations.

This is our teams first blogpost. I will be introducing our team and later Joonatan, the head of International Relations will tell you a little bit about himself and what he has been up to from the beginning of this fall.

In Proakatemia we have three teams: Marketing & Communications, International Relations and Data. These teams consist of teampreneurs from the eight companies we have here in Proakatemia at the moment.

This year 2018-2019 there are 10 members in our team of International Relations.

Our Head of International Relations is Evianna Sipilä. She is a teampreneur in a company called Kajo. Since Evianna is in the Netherlands right now on her Erasmus exchange, Joonatan Halonen from the company called Promisia is covering for her.

Our team has also other teampreneurs from Promisia. These members are Lassi Seppä, Noora-Emilia Hassinen and Juuso Hakala. Promisia and Hurma are the most recent companies that have been established here in Proakatemia. The companies were founded in January 2018.

From Hurma our team has three members: Petteri Kiuru, Janne “Sipri” Pussinen and Sanna Tahlo.

Last but not least our team has one member, Annamari Aalto from a company called Value. I myself am a teampreneur in the same company as Evianna, the company called Kajo. Both Kajo and Value were founded last fall of 2017. So, all together the team of International Relations has teampreneurs from four different companies.

I am very excited to be a part of this team and I can’t wait to see what this year has instored for us!

Next, I will let Joonatan tell you more!



My name is Joonatan Halonen and I’m the Head of International Relations of Proakatemia. Together with the team of international relations we host all the guests that comes to visit our school and now we’re starting to really go in to the international business scenery.

My journey as the head of international relations started when Evianna Sipilä travelled to the Netherlands to participate in an erasmus program. I’ve adjusted well to my new role and I’m actually enjoying it a lot. I get to meet new people from all over the world and I’ve already gotten a couple chances to work abroad.

In September we had quite a few quests here in Proakatemia. We had a group of about twenty people from Brazil. We also had guests from the UK, Italy, Gaza, USA, India and Peru counting up to 30 guests plus the brazilians. Meeting all these wonderful people is a great privilege. We get to grow our network of contacts to all over the world.


Best regards, Anna and Joonatan