International team’s November

Our November started with six Lithuanians guests. They were a group of teachers and students. They wanted to know our way of learning. One of their tasks was an innovation project with some of our students. The assignment was to organize event for a local restaurant.


We also had teachers and coaches from The Netherlands to visit us. Some of them were already coaches but all of them will become a coach. They came here to get to know more about our methods for coaching. We had training sessions with them about subjects: teaching vs coaching and tools behind Proakatemia. Both training sessions had few Proakatemia students also participating. They were really interested to hear what we students think about coaching and the methods here.


We had a group of people from different countries visiting us too. They were here one day so we told them about Proakatemia and they heard about our projects.


A group of about twenty Brazilians were visiting Proakatemia during the 24H challenge.  In the morning they came to watch graduate’s presentations. They were impressed how elegant and beautiful the event was. Even though they couldn’t understand anything they were able to feel the great atmosphere.


Joonatan was hosting them for the rest of the day. He showed them places and told them how we are studying. In the evening we had some fun when we were hosted a ”Finnish evening” for them. First, we of course raised a toast with salty liquorice liquor. We also had Finnish food and drinks for them to taste. During the evening we had a quiz about Finland and Proakatemia. Questions were difficult, but all groups had one Finn helping them. And of course, we danced with them. Hanna taught letkajenkka and after that they wanted to teach us to dance. Rest of the night was fun when we just danced and listened to some Brazilian music.


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Henna/International Team

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