Intro to the nebulous world of startups

Startup culture has been under the spotlight for years. Famous success stories like Spotify, Uber and Wolt are mentioned in conversations time and time again. Each created something new that changed the way we live our everyday life.  The atmosphere is all about hustle, pivoting, and market innovation. The ecosystem has grown around finding problems, creating approaches and polishing solutions. Kutsuvat sitä pöhinäksi, written by a bunch of Finnish growth company founders, was a booked written about the efforts and endeavors that go into startup culture.

A lot of talk, but it’s difficult to understand any of it – unless you already have experienced it yourself. In Proakatemia we run companies, but they are only the first steps to the world of startups. I had the urge to understand, so I went to Portugal, to the European Innovation Academy, for a 3 week accelerator program to dive in headfirst.

Eric Ries has described a startup as a human institution designed to create something new under conditions of extreme uncertainty. And that it is.

The EIA program is tight: from nothing on day 1 to validating, marketing and planning, gathering your 1000 first customers, finishing up with pitching your problem, your solution and your vision to the investors on day 15. There is no one to tell you if your vision and plan is real. Your team will be the cornerstone that you base your trust in. You believe in the way your vision will change the world and in your capability to make that into reality. You need to promise things you don’t have certainty about. You need to fight, challenge and compromise. You need to research, talk, ask & listen. The goals are high and you need to use everything within yourself and your skillset. Because anything less might not be enough.

The startup world is not as simple as it seems. Every 3 seconds, a new startup is founded somewhere in the world. And every year 90% of them fail before their first birthday. We’ve had some amazing mentors from the European Innovation Academy that have built successful businesses around the world from the ground up.

The nebulous nature of the startup world connected our team – from 4 different countries and 2 continents. Incput was born from our experience with own established companies, and the desire to help entrepreneurs build their own; A platform for startup founders to make the right decisions at the right time, while avoiding the mistakes that previous entrepreneurs have learned from.  A strategic timeline that provides you the tools and resources to grow your idea from startup mess to startup success.

We want to help build ideas into reality.

Become a part of the startup evolution, follow us at and come to Proakatemia!

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