Do you want to
change the world?

In TAMK Proakatemia you will learn how to work as a team entrepreneur with real clients and understand the true meaning of teamwork. You will acquire skills that are needed in future business life and learn how to guide your own learning process.

You will learn in customer projects, seminars and by writing essays based on the professional literature best suited for your goals and your learning plan. When you graduate, you will be rewarded with a vast network and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree that will open the doors for your future

Application period for the international BBA programme in Entrepreneurship and Team leadership is open again in January 2025.


We believe that entrepreneurship is an effective way to start creating a better world.

That’s why our goal in Proakatemia is to coach our students, so that they can learn the skills that are required of them

in future business life.

Entrepreneurship and team leadership

Proakatemia is a unit of entrepreneurship and team leadership in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. You can now study with us in English as well! 

You will graduate as a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), which will provide you with several possibilities after graduation.

All the students in Proakatemia belong to the same community, work together and aim at helping each other.

Teamwork is the key!

Studying in Proakatemia

Our students begin their studies with basic studies, which include courses for example in mathematics, corporate finance and business law. At the same time, the students start to familiarize themselves with the concept of team learning.

In Proakatemia the students don’t have a fixed timetable, because they will build it themselves based on their projects and meetings with the team. A typical week in Proakatemia consists of:

- training sessions*
- projects
- weekly meetings with the team
- seminars
- writing essays

* Training session is a session, where the team gathers to learn together about a specific subject by using dialogue as a learning method.


Teamwork is a crucial part of studying in Proakatemia. Team learning requires strong commitment and presence and active participation in team activities is also a requirement for achieving good results.


In Proakatemia you will learn how to set goals for youself and how to guide yourself to reach those goals. You will learn by getting feedback from your team, from your coach and, of course, from your customers.


You will get to establish a real business with your team, which is usually a cooperative. This means, that you will actually get to be an entrepreneur, run a real business and also earn some money while studying.


Proakatemia has a strong community and the students share a large workspace together. The coaches are also right around the corner.

The students and coaches work together every day to improve the Proakatemia community and its future.

Proakatemia has active alumni activities and alumni are also an important part of our community.

Student life in Tampere

Tampere has been ranked no. 1 in the national survey of best study places in Finland!

Finland is a country renowned for its safety, clean air and nature. It is also home to one of the best education systems in the world and guaranteeing the same educational opportunities for everyone regardless of social or economic background.