Proakatemia -
The Paragon of New Entrepreneurship.

TAMK Proakatemia operates on principles of Team Learning and Team Coaching. Focus on Team Learning means that the studies in Proakatemia are centered around a team enterprise owned by the students as team entrepreneurs. Team enterprises, coupled with the students’ leading role in all activities in Proakatemia allow the students to practice, test their skills in and reflect on managing projects and activities of a real enterprise, as well as making decisions in a complex and unpredictable work environment. The team entrepreneurs also learn how to manage their own and others’ professional development, which is an essential skill in rapidly changing world. These competences are outlined in the EQF levels 6 and 7 (2014).

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Principles of Team Coaching

The role of the teaching faculty in Proakatemia is that of Team Coaches, who support the teams and students in their professional and personal development but never take over the responsibility of learning or managing the projects or business operations of the team enterprise. Team Coaches in Proakatemia are recognized educational professionals with high level skills in dialogue, coaching, facilitation and mentoring.

Proakatemia's values are the foundation of the community. The coaches and students created the current set of values together in 2009, but they still remain up to date. The values are the steady foundation of Proakatemia that encourage us to reach for success.

The values are formed into a path, where everything is build upon trust. When teamwork is based on trust, you have the courage to try out new things. You know you are allowed to fail, because you can trust your teammates and you are in a safe environment.  

In Proakatemia you will work as an entrepreneur and learn by doing. You will ask for feedback and evaluate your actions and soon you will notice, that you are learning all the time! You will have what it takes to reach for success

In addition to our values the Proakatemia vision also guides our daily life and leads our way. It was created in 2019 and published honoring Proakatemia's 20th birthday. The vision is entitled

"Proakatemia - The Paragon of New Entrepreneurship."

The Story of Proakatemia

In 1999, a poster appeared on the wall of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. “Are you sick and tired of cramming for exams – How about a trip around the world?” This poster attracted the first students to apply to Proakatemia. The first team was established by 20 brave students, who were ready for challenges. When these first students came to Proakatemia, they and the coaches were in the same boat, they were creating something groundbreaking. And that something was Proakatemia.

The first students founded a team enterprise called Villivisio, which is still in business and one of the largest marketing agencies in Tampere. After that, over 40 team companies have been established, and the total revenue of the team companies has already reached 1,25 million euros! Proakatemia celebrated its 20th birthday in 2019 and still continues to grow. The first students in the English degree program begun their studies in the autumn 2020. Time will tell, how much Proakatemia community will grow in the future!