“Proakatemia is the best source of knowledge and competence for entrepreneurs of the 2020s”

We believe that inspiring ideas build up in a fun and creative atmosphere. Everyone is responsible for their own progress and learning with support from the team and the community. Proakatemia people share the high work motivation and ability to take action. We want to learn and succeed.

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Where it all began

In 1999, a poster appeared on the wall of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The poster read: “Are you sick and tired of cramming for exams – How about a trip around the world?” This poster attracted the first students to apply to Proakatemia. The first team was build up by 20 brave students who were up for challenges. When the action started in the autumn new students and coaches were in the same boat, creating something groundbreaking – Proakatemia.

The students founded the first team enterprise called Villivisio, which is still in business and the third largest marketing agency in Tampere. Our method of learning is based on the team learning model that originates from Tiimiakatemia in Jyväskylä. We believe in learning by doing instead of lectures and exams. We continuously analyse and develop the way we work, learn and do business. Therefore the students of Proakatemia will be more and more adapted to to answer to the needs of the ever changing business life.


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Missä olemme nyt

Where are we now?

Proakatemia is located in an inspiring environment at the heart of the historical area of Finlayson. The amount of team enterprises has grown gradually along the years and is now a total of nine. Also in January 2018 Proakatemia welcomed the first team of International Business students to the community. Internationality is also an even greater part of Proakatemia’s everyday life and our International Relations team had the honour of welcoming over 500 international visitors in 2017!


Proakatemia essays

During their studies the students of Proakatemia read a lot of books to support their projects and team learning skills. They also write essays of what they’ve learned (also in English!). All the essays are completely free to read.

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