The best people
for your needs.

Our students offer your company bold and creative ideas and provide your business with aspects that you have never even thought about! If you have a project that needs to be done, enthusiastic and trustworthy Proakatemia students will see it done.

Our students have a deep understanding about the target group of the youth and with the help of our students, your company gets to benefit from the skills and knowledge of the future.

Meet the makers of the future and start building your network today!


How can we help you?

Every time our students and teams graduate and the new students come in with their strenghts,
the expertise in Proakatemia goes through a changing process.

Tell us your concerns – we know, how to solve them.


- Sales
- Marketing and advertising
- Content creation
- Event production
- Service design and target group analysis
- Other challenges – What are they?

Send a message for us - we will answer as soon as possible!

Who does it all?

Proakatemia has a strong community and the students share a large workspace together.

The students and coaches work together every day to improve the community and the future of Proakatemia.

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