Become the best you can be

Proakatemia in Tampere University of Applied Sciences is an academy of new knowledge and expertise where we study and learn in team enterprises. Instead of setting boundaries we dare you to reach for your dreams. Do you have the courage to be the best? In Proakatemia you will become part of a team and our inspiring community of entrepreneurs. The rest is up to you.


Academic Adventures 2018 International Week


In Proakatemia we learn through entrepreneurial action

Proakatemia in Tampere University of Applied Sciences is a community where we study entrepreneurship and team leadership. We also actively develop teamwork and leadership skills. During the studies, we carry out customer projects through which we gain experience and earn money for our team enterprises. Proakatemia’s wide national and international networks provide us with an opportunity to create a wide network of contacts already during the studies.

Our main goal is promoting entrepreneurship. Collaborative networks built during the studies ease access to working life.